Still Here Still Growing , the book

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From The Back Cover

” I went to a historically black university and learned how to be an effective white person. I went to a historically white university and learned how to be an effective black person. I went to a Religious University and learned how to hate more effectively in the name of God. After all that mind confusion,  I am Truly Made In America and, I am Still Here and Still Growing…! I have studied, learned and continue to believe that:

“ Love knows no color, and no boundaries, but people do.”

“ Biology does not make family. It only makes blood relations. “

“Most people are not really looking for the truth. They are simply looking for something to confirm what they already believe is the Truth.”

Whether you sometimes feel like a Victim or Victor. Whether you  are a Cynic or an Optimist, you will enjoy reading this book. It is a powerful and personal observation and commentary on life in 20th to the 21st century America from an African American with a global perspective. It is definitely a book for people who enjoy reading to think and question for themselves.

From The Book:
“In current times Tom F. Driver wrote, “we are living in a manipulated climate of opinion. It is so pervasive that those of us who work for peace often get discouraged.”   I think tolerance is the first step to understanding love. By  tolerating others differences, one could eventually learn to love in spite of everything else that would suggest they should not.

Keith M. Jackson, is a Sage for the New Age.  He has been called the visionary Grandpa since he was three years old. As a Baby Boomer he has survived fifty plus years and wrote Still Here, Still Growing to Celebrate his birthday with laughter, wit and concern for the next generation. He has evolved from segregated Colored and White water fountains in Alabama to being  in JFK Airport  in New York City when he got the news of the American tragedy on  September 11, 2001. In between that he spent time in Africa and traveling the U.S. as a musician, educator and education consultant. He is also producer of Arm Your Child With Music™, a multicultural Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum with a focus on basic literacy, child abuse prevention, safety awareness and self esteem development. He earned a BA in Music and a MS in Education.


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