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Welcome to my  Home Page. I grew up hearing music in my head and engrossed in the joy of reading books.   I have been involved in writing, composing and performing music for my entire career.  On this site I get to share the links to some of the projects.

Still Here Still Growing
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Still Here, Still Growing


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It’s Just The Love

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Your Heart Knows The Way
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Your Heart Knows The Way
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You’re Knot Crazy (animated story)
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Last Pupil Video Series
One on one personal interviews with  African American 20th Century Scholars

John Henrik Clarke

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1. African American History conversation -4 Parts
2.                   Can African Americans Save Themselves – Importance of  Eldership-4 Parts

C.T. Vivian – Civil Rights Activist-Scholar and
Martin Luther Kings Field General -1924-2020

Link to Interview
C.T. Vivian discusses Civil Rights Progress, Racism and the Nazification of the KKK
Link to NY Times article
NY Times Biographical Article about the life and work of C T Vivian

Dr. Ben (Yosef Ben-Jochannan) Egyptologist

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Egypt and African American History  and
Advisor to Malcolm X

Dr. As
a Hilliard

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1. Infusion of African History  and World History -2
2.              Liberation Leadership -4 Parts

Gerald Deas, M.D.   

Watch the 4 Part Video Interview

1. African Americans – How to Live Stronger
2. Ten Little Niggers  from 1896  til Now -Racial Discrimination in children’s books

I am always looking for like minded musicians, writers and creative people to perform and collaborate with. It keeps the mind in a perpetually evolving state.

Also check out my Arm Your Child With Music site.

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It is a CD and Educational Preschool Music program. It was created to promote Kindergarten Readiness and Child Safety. It also supports the 21st century Early Learning Content Standards.